Nutrition and Reproduction

    Similar to fungi, actinomycetes such as Salinispora build a substrate hyphae that allow the organism to absorb nutrients. These substrate hyphae absorb mainly water which is how it attains nutrients. However, unlike fungi, Salinispora species do not require a digestion then ingestion process for food intake. Instead they excrete secondary metabolites through this process. They require galactose and inulin for growth and ATP production.

    The genus Salinispora in general cannot tolerate cold temperatures. It requires both a tropical and an oceanic environment. Salinispora tropica has not been found to have a host nor serve as a host. It has rarely been found anywhere except ocean sediments. There have been strains isolated from a sponge, however there is no evidence of any physiological interaction.

    At the next stage in its life cycle Salinispora tropica produces asexual spores. In order for this to happen the environmental conditions must be just right. Water temperature must be around 25 degrees Celsius and it must be receiving large amounts of galactose and inulin via substrate hyphae.

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