BIO 203

Polypodium glycyrrhiza


You have fortunately discovered a website dedicated solely to Licorice Fern, Polypodium glycyrrhiza, and can now enjoy and dwell upon the fascinating characteristics that defines this truly incredible species. This website entails an in depth breakdown of what Licorice Ferns are capable as well interesting attributes, so explore and enjoy!

[Above] Licorice Fern growing on moss patch, photo by Mike Nelson Pedde


Why make a website dedicated to one species of fern you may ask? Well my answer is this. As an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, I was assigned for my Organismal Biology class to create a webpage based on an organism that has had past or present uses for medicinal purposes. The Licorice Fern, as you will discover, has a rich history dating back centuries with the Western Coastal Forest Natives and other peoples. Click here to learn more!


If you have interest in learning about other various and unique organisms, visit On this site you will find links that lead to other web pages that my fellow classmates at the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse have constructed. If you would like to contact or learn more about me, visit my About Me page. Enjoyed the homepage pictures and want more? Click here to visit the gallery!


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