Welcome to my website devoted entirely to Ganoderma lucidum!!  


Many of you out there may be like I was at the beginning of this project; what is the big deal with this mushroom and why are people going crazy over it?!?  However, after doing some in depth research, I have come to fully appreciate what this fungus is all about.  Not only are there more testimonials than I could care to count, but there also has been tons of scientific research to back this miraculous mushroom up!  Its healing powers are said to range everything from high blood pressure reduction to fighting off HIV.  This amazing fungus has become a hit sensation throughout the world due to its numerous benefits and lack of any negative side effects.

I feel it's important to clarify right off the bat that Ganoderma lucidum goes by a variety names including Reishi and "Mushroom of Immortality".  So perhaps you've heard something about one of these mushrooms but in fact, these are all one in the same.  Throughout this site I have tried to explain why G. lucidum is so special both from an organismal standpoint but also a medicinal one.   

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