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My name is Erika Ochoa and I am currently an undergraduate student at the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse.  I transferred from the Picture of me!University of Wisconsin- Oshkosh at semester, which is also where I went to high school. At Oshkosh West High School, I was a very active student, playing on three very good sports teams- volleyball, basketball, and softball. This is where I also found myself highly interested in the health careers field, leading to my enrollment in the pre-med program here at La Crosse. I'm currently undecided as a major, but I hear I have awhile to figure that one out.

In La Crosse, I have found the campus to be quite active and enjoy a day in the sun playing sand volleyball or working out at the recreation center. My roommate and I still enjoy pick-up games of basketball and love the scenery of the MIssissippi RIver just downtown. It may be because I was born in Arizona, but the cold weather in Wisconsin is something I will probably never getMy little sister and I used to even though I've lived here basically my whole life.  Oh yeah, and I have little siblings in Oshkosh that I miss like crazy, too! Cassie, who happens to be a twin, is giving my webpage a thumbs up! (Hopefully you are too!)


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I hope you were as intrigued by the Caterpillar Fungus as I was. This website was a requirement for the Organismal Biology class I took this spring directed by two wonderful professors, Dr. Sandland and Dr. Volk. Dr. Volk is also an inspiring mycologist that reveals all of his knowledge to the world via his own personal website, which happens to be very entertaining and informational. You should definitely check out Dr. Volk's website to continue multiplying your knowledge about fungi. Feel free to contact me at!


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