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Like other Fungi in the Ascomycota Phylum, the reproduction of Cordyceps sinesis occur in sexual and asexual ways. Mitosis begins in the hyphae, which helps with the development of the asci. During Karyogamy, hyphae of the male and female ascocarps meet and the nuclei fuse together. The sexual reproduction cycle, or meiosis, occurs which includes the production of four haploid ascospores to lead to the final round of Mitosis to result in a total of eight haploid ascospores to be released into the environment. The ascospores are produced inside of a sac-like structure, called the ascus, which give the Ascomycota the general nickname "Sac Fungi." Another interesting organism that is an Ascomycota and reproduced similarly is the Aspergillus fumigatus!



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