How this mold continues to survive:


Rhizopus stolonifer needs oxygen and moisture, which it can always find.


Rhizopus stolonifer has a very specific environment that it prefers to live in. The spores that are produced by this fungus are very abundant in the air around us. If the air in which Rhizopus stolonifer resides in becomes limited, the spores that it produces would not be able to spread; this would cause the fungus to stop growing all together. As long as there are Rhizopus stolonifer spores in the air and there is an abundance of air, the mold is able to grow and prosper on fruits, vegetables, and bread products.


On the reproduction page of this website you will learn about the rhizoids that Rhizopus stolonifer produces. As far as adaptation goes, the rhizoid can be affected by the temperature and location at which they start to grow. If either of these are abnormal, the speed at which the mold grows can be affected. As long as the environment is warm and moist, with an abundance of oxygen, the mold has the ability to acquire all of the nutrients it needs in order to grow to full potential.


Please proceed to learn about the ways in which Rhizopus stolonifer acquires its nutrition.