Where do sponges live?
    Sponges are a very diverse group of aquatic animals that inhabit both aquatic and freshwater environments around the world; however, the majority tend to live in an ocean aquatic environment.  In general, sponges inhabit the aquatic environments near the tropics due to warmer waters.  Also, they tend to live in clear waters apposed to more “murky” areas with high current.  The high current murky environments tend to clog up the specialized pores that sponges use as a primary method for acquiring food.  Despite this, freshwater sponges have been found much further away from the tropics, adapting to each of their own specific environments.  For more general sponge knowledge feel free to visit THIS PAGE!

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What about the Florida sponges?
    In southern Florida there are a wide range of species of sponges that exist in the shallow waters off its coast.  Although there are some sponges that exist in deeper water, they tend to dominate those shallow-water communities.  In fact, in the southern Florida environment, sponges outnumber coral species and represent a higher percentage of living colonies in surrounding reef and rocky bottom areas.  For more information on Florida sponges please visit HERE!
    Cryptotethya crypta, a sponge that yields very important medicinal derivatives, was originally found in the shallow waters off the coast of Elliot Key, Florida, in 1945 by a young scientist by the name of, Werner Bergmann.  A few years later the same species was again found in the Bimini Islands by the same scientist and one of his taxonomist associates, Dr. M. W. de Laubenfels, who went on to name the species .  Today known locations span across the coastlines of the Mediterranean.
    In following years and research on related organisms to Cryptotethya crypta, there has been a wide range of findings of other medicinal sponges from Hawaii all the way to India and beyond.

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