Nicotiana tabacum has a tropical origin in South America and grows most efficiently in warmer climates.  Tobacco shares this warm subtropical climate with black pepper.  Although Nicotiana tabacum is a somewhat tropical plant it can be found as far north as Sweden and as far south as Australia.  This plant needs 100 to 120 days from the time that it was planted to reach full maturity. 

Tobacco is not very commonly found in the wild anymore.  It is mostly grown commercially for the production of tobacco in the form of chew, cigarettes, cigars, snuff, etc.  Tobacco is either grown in hotbeds or cold frames as seedlings in order to protect them from parasites and provide ideal growing conditions.  After the plants have been given a head start, they can be planted out into a larger field to grow to maturity and produce a healthy plant.



Now that we are familiar with the habitat of tobacco, lets look at the different variations of this herb by clicking here.

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Logan Van Hoof,  April 2011