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Hello, my name is Logan Van Hoof and I am currently a student at the University of Wisconsin LaCrosse.  I am majoring in biomedical sciences with a goal to some day become a dentist.  I expect to graduate in the year 2014 and then move on the dental school to finish my schooling.  I know that it will be a lot of work but I am up to the challenge!

During my free time in LaCrosse I enjoy hunting, fishing, and hanging out with friends.  Although free time is hard to come by, I still manage to fit some fun in my schedule every now and then.  I am the type of person that would rather be outside enjoying nature than inside playing video games.  I just love looking at everything in nature and thinking about how it all works together and how it originated.  Nature is really fascinating once you think about how all the organisms in the world relate to each other in some way.

Back home in Appleton, Wisconsin I live with my mom, dad, and two younger sisters.  I can imagine things are pretty quiet at home now that I am away not “teasing my sisters” anymore.  During the summer my family and I enjoy spending time up north at our cottage in northern Wisconsin.  It is a great place to get away from it all and just relax every weekend.  I also enjoy fishing at my cottage during the summer for large and small mouth bass.  During my summers I participated in some lake studies for the Department of Natural Resources in testing my lake for phosphorus and chlorophyll levels.  I continue to maintain this active roll because of by interest on the subject and the state of our lake.  Some other hobbies that I enjoy doing include: snowmobiling, snowboarding, ice fishing, dirt biking, four wheeling, archery, shooting, water sports, and pretty much anything you can think of outdoors.

I decided to choose the topic of tobacco because I wanted to educate myself about the herb and its various effects on the mind and body.  Tobacco is a very widely used drug by about 1 in 3 adults and I wanted to explore both the medicinal uses of this drug and the lasting effects it can have on people seeing that I do not mind enjoying an occasional cigar every once and a while.

I hope that you enjoyed reading about the herb tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) and learned a thing or two that you may not have already known.  If you would like to view other web pages of various organisms just like mine, check out Multipleorganisms.net and you will be amazed at the stuff you will find!

You can contact me at:

You can also contact Dr. Sandland at: sandland.greg@uwlax.edu

And Dr. Volk at: volk.thom@uwlax.edu

Some great images of both the plant (Nicotiana tabacum) and its diseases, varieties, habitats, and predators can be found at ipmimages.org.

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Logan Van Hoof,  April 2011