...Looks can be deceiving…

                                                                                                  photo by pellaea at flickr.com

What organisms looks like a deformed marshmallow, has the word “fart” in its name and has medical applications?...

 The one and only Wolf-Fart Puffball! 


Also known as the pear-shaped puffball, this fungus derives it’s common names from the breakdown of its scientific, Latin name.  In Greek, “lyco” means “wolf” and “perdon” means “to break wind” thus making the name wolf-fart an exceedingly accurate term.  Additionally, the species epithet “pyriforme” means “pear shaped”, again offering an understandable common name.


photo by Onnola at flickr.com

This website aims to describe the many characteristics pertaining to this puffball fungus from its taxonomy to its forms of reproduction as well as its role in the world of medicine and much more!.  For the curious mycologist, there is a brief review of the characteristics of each taxonomic level for this organisms as well as an extensive resource section providing links to a plethora of additional information.

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created by: Kyle Wojcik

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