Interesting Facts

As you have seen on the habitat page, P. niruri has worldwide distribution. Since it can be found in so many different locations, this plant has adopted numerous nicknames in several languages.

English: stonebreaker, gale of the wind, shatterstone, black catnip, carry-me-seed, necklace leaf-flower, hurricane weed.

Spanish: chanca piedra, viernes santo.

Portuguese: quebra pedra, arranca-pedras, malva-pedra.

French: graine en bas fievre

South East Asia languages: punarnava, amli, bhoomi amalaki, bhuin-amla, bahupatra.

Amazon langueages: mapatan, para-parai mi, pei, yah-tai-bai.

Sanscrit: bhoomya, amalakee

Hindi: pitirishi, budhatri.

There are many more common names of P. niruri and I'm sure in many more languages, but I've included a few just to show how widespread this plant actually is.

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