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Please note that the map above doesn't show all the locations P. niruri can be found. What it does show, however, is the amazing global distribution of this plant.

Phyllanthus niruri is indigenous to tropical and subtropical areas in both hemispheres. It is prevalent in the rainforests of the Amazon, China, Southern India, the Philippines, the Bahamas and Puerto Rico. Some of Stonebreaker's relatives can even be found in Florida and Texas. Phyllanthus niruri is quiet rampant in tropical rainforests like the Amazon whereFile:OrangeBloss wb.jpg it grows and spreads much like a weed. Due to this weed like growth, P. niruri is not limited to strictly rainforests. Stonebreaker is often found growing abundantly in cultivated fields as well as wastelands. Organisms with a habitat similar to Stonebreaker's include the Sweet Orange, Hot peppers, Kiss-me-quick, and Curare.

With such a large geographical distribution, it’s safe to say P. niruri has evolved some adaptations to help it survive.