Luna Moth



     The luna moth has actually been seen quite a bit in the public eye, and is very recognizable for the general population. One major use of this organism as a key mascot is the 2007 ad campaign of Lunesta, a sleep medication produced by the pharmaceutical company Sunovion. The image of the luna moth was used in the ad to suggest that the drug will bring a deep sleep to its users. (

     Another interesting fact about public usage of the luna moth is that Actias luna was seen on the 1987 United States first class postage stamp ( Turns out the luna moth is a worldwide superstar!

    In another form of celebrity, the luna moth is also frequently used in the classroom too. Teachers have been known to use this specific species to help teach and demonstrate the insect life cycle.


      Actias luna is one of the largest moths in North America! The wingspan obvioulsy varies between individuals, but is generally in the span of 7.5-10.5 inches ( Now thats a big bug!



     Another more frightening interesting fact about the luna moth occurs in its caterpillar stage. Imagine walking through a Wisconsin forest at night in the middle of summer and hearing a wierd, loud buzzing noise. Its dark out so it can't be bees, and your cell phone is on silent so it can't be that either. You keep walking and the buzzing is even louder. You walk to where the creepy noise is coming from, but you don't see anything; just a bunch of trees and shrub. You can actually credit this weird buzzing noise to the caterpillar itself. The pupae make a distinct buzzing sound, noted as very similar to bees and wasps, when they are wiggling against the sides of their cocoon. Spooky!!


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