The "Daring Jumper"
Phiddipus audax

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Phidippus audax is a very complex organism and is very skilled at hunting. A couple of its main targets are insects and other spiders. But it can’t possibly get through life without being attacked and killed by a few things that think this spider is a tasty treat. Some of the predators that Phidippus audax has to be aware of are mostly amphibians such as toads, frogs, and salamanders. Also, much like other spiders, this spider has to be aware of birds that are much bigger than they are.
Interestingly, there are a few insects that Phidippus audax is no match for such as beetles, and centipedes. Here is a table of a few of Phidippus audax’s predators and prey. Also, there is a list of places that this spider calls home.

There is not much relation to humans besides the help that the spider provides to keep the insect population at a minimum. As much as humans are afraid of spiders (maybe we should be reading about this one) they actually do reduce the insect population tremendously. Phidippus audax, along with the other species in the salticidae family, rarely enter homes. When they do they are just hunting their prey, which includes your household pests. So, actually you should be thanking these guys for making a surprise visit in your house if you find them. Unlikely, but possible, is the occasional spider bite that will leave nothing more than a welt. This most likely occurs because the spider was disturbed in some kind of way. 

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