This site is dedicated to those who are interested in learning more about Nicrophorus americanus, otherwise known as the American burying beetle. Nicrophorus americanus is currently an endangered species to North America. This amazing beetle can grow between 25 and 45 mm long and has very distinctive orange markings near the head and on the tips of large antennae making it easy to identify them. The rest of the body is a glossy black with orange markings on the wings as well.



Image courtesy of Jay Pruett, The Nature Conservancy

Nicrophorus americanus is the largest carrion beetle in North America, and is a very strong flier. As a nocturnal beetle, N. americanus is most active during the night, and  is one of the few species of beetle to have both the male and female partake in parental care. Interested in learning more ? Check out the classification of Nicrophorus americanus to get to know their history down to the Eukaryotic Cell!




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