Who Am I?

My name is Emma W eibel and I am a sophomore at UW- LaCrosse majoring in Biomedical Science. I was inspired to research the species Lophius piscatorius for my Organismal Biology class by the "spooky organisms" theme this semester. The first organism that came to my mind was the scary fish in "Finding Nemo" . I thought this would be an interesting organism to research for two reason. First, I wanted to be able to tell my seven year old brother about the terrifying fish attacking Nemo's father, and secondly the anglerfish it isn't one of those fish that everyone knows about, so in an effort to expand everyone's knowledge of the deep sea I began my search for information.

In my free time I volunteer at a local nursing home and help with research in Dr. Gerrish's lab working with the DNA of Bioluminescent Ostracods. When I am not busy working on biology I enjoy spending time with friends, family, traveling and eating sushi. After I graduate I plan to attend some sort of  graduate school where I can eventually work in patient care. I hope you enjoyed my webpage! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at weibel.emma@uwlax.edu.


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