Habitat and Geography

      The Australian Giant Cuttlefish is found on the southern coast of Australia.  It has been seen from the city of Brisbane on the east side to Shark Bay on the west side (Norman, 2000) 

                                        Source: Encyclopedia of Life

Although it is a very solitary creature, there is a massive spawning aggregate that occurs every year. It is most commonly seen in rocky reefs and seagrass beds to a depth of up to 100 meters during this time(Encyclopedia of Life, 2013).  This particular section of reefs is unique in that the organisms that live there live almost nowhere else in the world.  These organisms include many species of crustaceans, reef fish, and underwater plants.  These plants make up one of the largest marine flora, with 26 different species of seagrasses and many other types of underwater flowering plants (Seagrasses, 2013).

Source: Thierry Rakotoarivelo

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