Scalloped Hammerhead Shark




Scalloped Hammerhead Shark Distinct Population Segments and Proposed Listing Status

The species of hammerhead shark Sphyrna lewini live all over the world. S. lewini lives in many ranges of water. They are known to swim into estuaries, and have also been seen in waters of up to 1,000 meters (NOAA Fisheries 2013). This gives researchers reason to believe that this species of hammerhead shark is very versatile. In a study that was done in the Gulf of California a group of scalloped hammerhead sharks were recorded with an average depth of 358.8 meters and water temperatures ranging from 27.8 degrees Celsius to 4.8 degrees Celsius (Jorgensen et al. 2009).

 S. lewini has been found all over the world in coastal waters. This species along with other species of hammerhead sharks are found living near almost every continent. The largest concentrations of S. Lewini are found in the Gulf of California, near the tip of South Africa, Australia, and the Philippian Island’s. This is a very wide range of territory for one species to exist in. The dispersal of this species across the world is male based. Females tend to stay on one general location while males travel to new locations. . Adult S. lewini can occasionally be found in the open ocean, and documented oceanic movements exceed 1500 km (Daly-Engel et al. 2012)

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