Scalloped Hammerhead Shark


Hammered with Scientific Information


Photograph by Brian Skerry, National Geographic

The ocean is a vast and mysterious place. This is an informational site that takes a look into the life of the endangered saltwater species Sphyrna lewini or commonly known as the scalloped hammerhead shark. In this website we will cover many aspects of the life of Sphyrna lewini. We start by classifying the scalloped hammerhead on our classification page. Next we take a look at the habitat in which this species calls home. As we keep moving forward we observe the form & function and certain interactions that S. lewini has with other organisms.We will also explain how scalloped hamerhead sharks reproduce on our reproduction page.

While studying marine creatures you may come across organisms such as the gigantic ocean mammal the Balaenoptera musculus better known as a blue whale, or an unusual type of clownfish the Amphirprion Perideraion which is a close relative of the typical clown fish the Amphiprion ocellaris. Other organisms that you might like to learn about could include the Sepia officinalis the common cuttlefish, Caretta caretta the loggerhead sea turtle, Cheilinus undulatus the napolean wrasse, Monodon monoceros the narwhal, Galeocerdo cuvier the tiger shark, Thenus orientalis the flathead lobster, or even Thunnus alalunga the albacore tuna. If these oganisms don't quench your thirst for knowlege you can find a complete list if students' websites at







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