Other Interesting Facts

  • Fossas have made many appearances in the Madagascar movie series. The lemur’s are deathly afraid of them – and for good reason!
  • A captive breeding program has been established for the fossa to try and restore their population
  • Fossa capture their food in their paws and then kill it in one vicious bite
  • It is not known what animals eat fossas, but their top predators are humans who kill them for eating their livestock. The various livestock fossa will eat are pigs, dogs, chickens, and cats
  • It is unknown how long fossas live, but members of the mongoose family typically live up to 20 years
  • They were originally classified in the Felidae family due to their cat-like appearance
  • Fossas are the only living species that are classified in Cryptoprocta
  • They are the only animals who primarily prey on primates
  • Click here to view a video made by National Geographic about the fossa to learn more    
    Photo: Mark Cowardine




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