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This website was created for the Organismal Biology course at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse by Katie Dobbs and Graeham Conklin.


My name is Katie Dobbs and I contributed to this website by creating the Reproduction and Interactions pages. Both my partner and I worked together to create the Home, Classification, References, and Facts pages. I am a junior at UW-L, majoring in Biomedical Science and Pre-Physicians Assistant with a minor in Chemistry. I am also in the Screaming Eagles Marching Band where I play snare drum.




My name is Graeham Conklin and I worked on the Habitat and Adaptations pages specifically, as well as small parts of the entire website. I am a Biomedical Science major as well, and I'm a pre-dental student. I am also a junior at UW-L, and previously studied at the University of Wisconsin- Sheboygan which is in my home town. I love to play Tennis and I also play the guitar. We sincerely hope that you benifited educationally as well as enjoyed our website!