Melipona beecheii is a very unique and interesting insect, so we have listed a few fun facts below for those of you who are thirsty for more.

  • The Mayans made a sacred wine, called balche, from fermented tree bark and M. beecheii honey from the first extraction. In order for outsiders to drink it the Mayans must get permission from the Melipona gods (Bellows 2012).
  • The bees have symbolized the soul for many cultures since the Stone Age (Bellows, 2012).
  • They are rare in the wild and forested areas (Villanueva-G 2005).
  • They make their nests in the hollows of rare trees that are equal to or greater than 30cm wide (Villanueva-G 2005).
  • The cultivation of Melipona beecheii's honey is called Meliponiculture (Schools for Chiapas 2013)
  • Melipona beecheii honey is often used as a treatment for sore throats by traditional Maya (Schools for Chiapas 2013)
  • Meliponas are known to be one of the most efficient pollinators of avacados, tomatoes, and vanilla (School for Chaipas 2013)
  • Many times, natives of the area would keep personal log hives to provide honey for their family (School for Chaipas 2013)