Ganges River Dolphin


developing dolphinVery little is known about the dolphin's mating system, mainly because of their habitat, and political and socioeconomic issues. The dolphin mates year round and births peak after the dry season begins. Their gestation period generally lasts around 10 months and give birth to only one calf. The mother weans her calf around 9 months, and at the point, the calf becomes independent. Sexual maturity occurs when they are about 10 years old, but they keep growing until 20 years. There are still studies being done to provide more information about their mating behavior (Swinton & Gomez, 2009).

 dolphin cycle

There also is not much known about how long they live. The oldest dolphin on record was 28 years old. Estimates say that they live 18-22 years. There have only been a couple of successful events where the dolphin was brought into captivity and studied, so it is hard to say exactl how their life really is (Swinton & Gomez, 2009).

Baby dolphin



This photo to the left shows the dolphin life cycle. Since we both belong in the class, mammalia, we go through the same life cycle.