Lingulodinium polyedrum



Domain ~ Eukaryota

Kingdom ~ Chromista

Phylum ~ Dinophyta

Class ~ Dinophyceae

Order ~ Gonyaulacales

Family ~ Gonyaulacaceae

Genus ~ Lingulodinium

Species ~ Lingulodinium polyedrum


Synonym: Gonyaulax polyedra


Lingulodinium polyedrum is under the Eukaryotic domain because their cells contain a nucleus. The Chromista kingdom are algae whose chloroplasts contain chlorophylls, and dinophyta is the phylum which contain flagellates and protists that are known to be photosynthetic.



* The major clade that Lingulodinium polyedrum fits under is Alveolata.



* The phylum that Lingulodinium polyedrum fits under is Dinoflagellates.




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