Lingulodinium polyedrum



Lingulodinium polyedrum are bioluminescent plankontic species located in marine environments.  They prefer warm coastal waters such as Southern California, the west coast of Africa, the Adriatic Sea, and the coasts of Australia.  They are generally found in shallow waters or on the surface of nutrient-depleted waters.  Their preferences are between 20-24 degrees Celsius and salinity levels between 30-35%.  This species have not been associated in polar regions or sea surface water temperatures lower than 10 degrees Celsius.  Studies have been shown that their most motile stages are during late summer, where surface temperature is highest.  Studies have also shown that depth has no particular influence, as they move down to shallower waters depending on nutrient levels, however they depend on co-varying factors to depth such as increased turbulence.  Overall, Lingulodinium polyedrum prefer waters with high nutrient supply, reduced salinity, and warm temperatures.  Areas with high nutrient supply are typically located on coasts with coastal runoff, most commonly the San Diego area.



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