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The creators of this page are Grace Kehoe and Megan Beine

Let us introduce ourselves;
Our names are Grace Kehoe and Megan Beine. We are currently enrolled as students at UW-La Crosse in our sophomore year. Due to both of our interests in the sciences we are enrolled in an Organismal Biology course and have created this website to fulfill our course criteria. The class was assigned to research forensic arthropods and therefore we settled on the Aleochara bilineata, or more commonly known as the Rove Beetle. Through this assignment and overall process we feel as though we have both grown as students and scientists. We hope you have found our website to be both informative and professional and would welcome further contact via email if any questions or comments have arisen.

Grace Kehoe:
Megan Beine: Picture of the author; Grace Kehoe

Hi there! My name is Grace Kehoe and as mentioned, I am currently a sophomore enrolled at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse for fall 2013. Not only am I a student here, but I am also a member of Delta Kappa Chapter of the Alpha Phi sorority. Currently, I am the Director of Academics of the chapter and am responsible for monitoring grades as well as organizing scholarship events. I was born and raised in Rosemount, Minnesota and will forever call Minnesota home. However, I have ventured over the border to study Bio-Medical Sciences for my major as well as Chemistry in the form of a minor. I intend to one day become a pathologist assistant and hopefully find myself working as a medical examiner (morose, I know). Why dead bodies you may ask? I have always loved puzzles and a good challenge, and what better to satisfy that than piecing together the cause of death. All in all, I hope to one day find myself in a profession that challenges me and offers me something new and exciting every day and that is why I have chosen to study the health sciences. The two topic pages I have completed are the Interactions and Habitat page. I hope you found them insightful and that they have aided in your interest and/or research! Thanks for visiting our page!

Picture of the author; Megan Beine

Hi! My name is Megan Beine. I am from Rubicon, Wisconsin, a small, unincorporated town about 45 minutes from Milwaukee. My hobbies include playing sports, hiking, watching the packers, horseback riding, eating goozd foods, reading books, and hanging out with my dog.When I grow up I plan on having two dogs and two horses… and also a husband… and some children I suppose. I attend UW-La Crosse and I intend to major in Environmental Biology and minor in Environmental Studies. When I'm not studying Biology I am involved in various intramural sport teams at the campus REC. Someday I want to save our planet Earth! I did the Reproduction and Form and Function pages of our website. If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me! Hope you enjoyed our webpage!

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