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First some background on why this webpage was made, this website is part of a large project with a goal to accumulate a wide diversity of organisms and accurate data about them, called database. The University of Wisconsin La Crosse organismal and animal biology classes every semester contribute these pages, using peer reviewed literature sources. This website was created in the fall semester of 2013.

appleHello! My name is Tara Lila I am a Senior at UWL. I am a Biology major with a Biomedical concentration as well as a Nutrition minor. After graduation I plan on continuing my education and acquiring my Bachelors of Science in Nursing, then working as a nurse here in Wisconsin. I love serving others and looking forward to my career. Here in La Crosse WI, we are surrounded by wildlife and chances to go explore it. This class has given me a new way to look at the environment and all the diversity that surrounds me. Author of Form and Function and Reproduction.

megan pictureHi! My name is Megan Gresl and I am a Sophomore at UW La Crosse, double majoring in Biology Education and Broad field Science. My goal in is to become a high school Biology teacher along with maintaining great relationships with my friends and family. Besides helping others in the classroom, I invest my time in the UWL Women's Soccer team and other organizations such as Special Olympics and Relay for Life.  By completing this assignment, I have learned so much about this specific plant but most importantly the great diversity among the different classifications of plants. I would like to thank Dr. Thompson and Dr. Perez for introducing me to such an interesting segment of Biology. Author of Habitat and Interactions. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

We would specifically like to thank Dr. Thomsen for sharing her own pictures of the Lupinus bicolor and also Carol Witham for contributing many of her pictures to this website.

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