Synanceia horrida (stonefish)



S. horrida is a predacious animal that feeds on small fish and crustaceans. It lies camouflaged, waiting for a possible vic tim to pass by, then it strikes out with incredible speed. The S. horrida attacks with such velocity that in order to document the event you would need a high speed camera. Due to the combination of extreme camouflage and high speed attacks the S. horrida's prey has next to no chance of escape. By the time the unsuspecting prey even realizes what is going on it is more than likely too late.

To get a better idea of what the S. horrida looks like in action watch this National Geographic video (All rights to the video belong to © 1996-2013 National Geographic Society.)


Color: Its color ranges from many variations of brown to an almost red shading.

Length: S. horrida can reach a max length of about .6 meters.

Shape: The S. horrida is fairly round in its shape, has a protruding lower jawline and elevated eyes when compared to its relative S. verrucosa.

Skin texture: The stonefish has an irregular/bumpy skin texture that gives it a rocky look and allows it to blend in with reefs and stone structures.


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