General picture of a Tiger musky

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      My name is Sam Schneider, I am a sophmore at UW La-Crosse and this website was for my 203 organismal Bio class. I wrote the predation behavior page and the comparison to parent species page. A little information about myself: my major is biology but I also have a minor in professional writing. I am hoping I can use those to become a fishing guide/ journal writer in my future. My true passion is fishing, I do alot of bass fishing out of Sturgeon Bay but the vast majority of my interests lie with muskies. If you have any questions or comments you can email me at I hope you enjoyed the website and found it very informational.   

     My name is Derek Gill, and I am a sophmore at UW La-Crosse. I was responsible for writing the habitat and angling pages. This website was a project given to all the students in the organismal biology course. I am studing Biochemistry as part of my undergrad major and am also involved in the wrestling program. I'm from a small towin in Wisconsin and fishing is a regular activity that my family and I like to do. So doing this website project on tiger musky was a very interesting and educational experience that I enjoyed.  You can contact me at my email: I hope you find this website interesting and informational.

Date: 12/9/2013


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