General picture of a Tiger musky


     According to, many types of angler techniques and tricks are used when attempting to catch these prized game fish.  Often times the techniques used and required to catch tiger musky are very similar to that of catching a musky or northern pike. Techniques used to catch these fish are very different compared to other game fish such as bass, salmon, and walleye.  The most important things to keep in mind when trying to catch a tiger musky is what time of year it is and the depth of the water in which you’re fishing.  During the colder months of the year you will have better luck using smaller bait such as crankbaits and buck tail spinners.  When waters increase in temperature especially during the warmer spring months when tiger musky are at the peak of their feeding it is wise to increase your bait size.  Optimal baits to use during this time would be a 16 inch live sucker or even 12 inch jerkbait.  Because catching these game fish is very rare it is advised to keep yoTiger musky hooked. Photo by Karl f. Moffatur hooks razor sharp so when the opportunity does strike you wont miss the set because of dull hooks. You should keep a file in a tackle box for touch ups on your hooks in case of any dull points.  The sharpness of the hook will deepen the penetration into the flesh and increase the likelyhood of a catch.  Another great technique when attempting to catch a tiger musky along with many others is performing the figure eight, with the rod tip in the water. This technique is used when the bait is right along side the boat.  Performing this figure eight with the rod will often times entice a strike from the tiger musky making a boat side catch look easy.

 Figure 5. Tiger musky hooked. Photo complements of  Karl F. Moffat

 For a short video tutorial of the figure eight press figure eight

     A question that often comes up when angling for a trophy fish, such as a tiger musky, is what color lure should be used? Bright colored lures and spinners are best to use becaubucktailse it is easy for the angler to see (Willougbyy 2013).  Tiger muskies are a finicky fish and enticing them by pulling a brightly colored spinner in and out of the water will trigger a strike (Willougbyy 2013).  The final and most difficult part of fishing for tiger muskies is patience! Although these fish are not as hard to catch as a pure musky they often require much time and effort.

Figrue 6. Most common tiger musky lure known as the bucktail


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