We chose to make a website about Aphodius prodromus, because of the intriguing fact that they occupy dung.  My partner and I knew we wanted to do research on a type of beetle and when we discovered dung beetles we were sold.  From there we briefly researched the different types of dung beetles and finally agreed to make our website on the fascinating organism of Aphodius prodromus.  We hope you find it interesting for the same reasons we did.  There’s a purpose for everything in this world right?!?! 




Did you know???


  •  Ancient Egyptians LOVED dung beetles! Scarab beetles signified re-incarnation and were believed to bring day to the night. They also were thought to bring good luck! (Scarab for Kids 2009).


  • A. prodromus has a very strong sense of smell. Within minutes of the dung hitting the ground many dung beetles are present!


  • Other scarab beetles eat on decaying animals and plants as well as dung! These beetles help keep the Earth clean!!  (Scarab for Kids 2009).


  • Scarab beetle fossils have been found and evidence proves these beetles ate Dinosaur dung. This means that these beetles have been cleaning up for over 150 million years! (Scarab for Kids 2009).


  • Aristotle first used the term 'Coleptera'  more than 5,000 years ago! 'Koleos' means shield (or sheath) and 'ptera' means wings! (Animal Corner 2003-2013).







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