Domain: Eukarya

The Stonefish belongs in Eukarya because it’s cells have membrane bound organelles and a nuclear membrane. This encompases many diverse organisms from Honeypot Ants to Pineapples!

Kingdom: Animalia            

The Kingdom of Animalia includes organisms that are multicellular, heterotrophic, and motile, all of which are characteristics that the Stonefish possesses.

Phylum: Chordata            

All Chordates, including the Stonefish, possess a notochord, have bilateral symmetry, and a complete digestive system.

Class: Actinopterygii

This Class includes ray-finned fishes, like the Stonefish, whose fins are supported by bony spines (“rays”).

Order: Scorpaeniformes            

All organisms in this Order "mail-cheeked" due do their bones connecting the area under their eyes to the front of the gill.

Family: Synanceiidae            

This includes the various Stonefish species, including the Synanceia verrucosa, all of which have camouflage and body structure that makes them look like rocks.

Genus: Synanceia            

The fish in this genus all are venomous

Species: Synanceia verrucosa            

The topic of this website! Very poisonous, and camouflaged extremely well.


The etymology of the scientific name Synanceia verrucosa is the following: Synanceia is Greek. The prefix ‘syn-’ means ‘as a whole’ and the suffix, -aggeion, means ‘vein.’ In Latin verrucosa means warty. 


This phylogenetic tree shows the 5 species of Stonefish in the Genus Synanceia.  All of these fish are in this family due to having similar physiologies and secreting a venom with similar protein make up.


This tree shows all of the Genus under the Family Synanceiidae.  Fish under this Family are ray-finned and considered Stonefish, as in their camouflage makes them look like rocks.

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