Photinus courtesy of Don Salvatore

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Hello! Our names are Jordon Thomsen and Victor Bretl, and we are both seniors at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.  We created this site for our Organismal Biology class over the course of Fall semester 2013.  Bioluminescence was the theme this year for our organisms of choice.  What better organism to choose then a firefly, Photinus ignitus

About Jordon:
My major is biology with a concentration in biomedical sciences, and my minors are chemistry and psychology.  I am pursuing grad school with the hope of becoming a Physician Assistant!  I am originally from Valley City, North Dakota.  My father is a farmer, so I had many acres of land to explore when I was a young kid.  Growing up, I loved the outdoors, pushing me towards loving the sciences, especially biology.  I decided after a couple years of college that I want to help people with their physical ailments, and that is why I am now pursuing biomedical sciences!   I am a Minnesota fan in every category (except college sports, Go NDSU!), but I am unfortunately surrounded by Packer fans here in La Crosse, WI.  The two pages I did for this website were Life History & Reproduction and Interactions.  There was a lot of blood, sweat and tears put into this website, so hopefully whomever reads this learns something, and thanks for visiting the site!

About Victor:
My major is biochemistry and biomedical science.  I am also pre-medicine and hopefully will be going to be medical college when I graduate.  My dream is to become a doctor.  I am from West Allis, Wisconsin and if you do not know where that is, it is right by the city of Milwaukee.  I am a huge sports fan and enjoy watching the Green Bay Packers every season.  I like to stay active and participate in many activites with my friends back home and in college.  I decided to pursue a career in the health field because I enjoy helping other people.  Being able to help other people brings a great joy in my life.  Hopefully I am still able to do that in a hospital setting.  The two pages I did for this website were Habitat & Geography and Form & Function.  Thank you for taking time to look at our website and hopefully you learn something new!
                                      Victor Bretl (pictured left) and Jordon Thomsen (pictured right) enjoying some free time away from the laboratory                           
                                          Victor (pictured left) and Jordon (pictured right)
                                         enjoying some free time away from the laboratory!

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