Tadarida brasiliensis are found beginning in southwestern United States and continuing far down into Central America. Studies have found that they are creatures of habit, and once they find a spot suitable to live in they tend to stay there for a long period of time. These bats are very abundant in Texas and the further south you travel the more of them you will find. (Davis et al., 1962)Mexican free tailed bats flying out of a cave


       The Tadarida brasiliensis are very resourceful as to where they can live. It does not take much more than a small dark crack or hole in a wall for them to roost. One could find them roosting in all different types of buildings no matter the material, human use, location or age; as long as it had a crack or hole somewhere (Davis et al., 1962).


        As for natural resources of living, Tadarida brasiliensis tend to use caves. In studies done in Texas they have found that though there are more caves available for the bats to inhabit, they tend to use the same ones they have Free tailed bats in a cave at nightused for years (Davis et al., 1962). There are many caves that they inhabit but for the most part they all have common characteristics. The caves they roost in have very specific dimensions as to how big and in most cases if they are not just right you will not find them there even in small numbers.





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