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Frilly Facts

Frilly Facts

"Fun Frilly Facts"
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          So as you have seen, the frilled neck lizard is a very interesting organism. But how did I get interested in the frilly? Well it all goes back to the wonderful Disney movie The Rescuers Down Under. This movie has been one of my favorites since I was a little girl. Frank, the little green lizard in the movie, just happens to be a frilled neck lizard. When I was searching for exotic animals on the web and I came across the frilled neck lizard (Frank). I knew that I had to know more about it. I hope you find them as cool as I do!

Here are some random facts about the frilly:Clip Art

     *The frilled neck lizard is featured in the movies.
     They have
a lead role in The Rescuers Down
     Under. There is also a cameo by a frilled neck           
     dinosaur in the movie Jurassic Park. It wasn't
     exactly a frilled neck lizard, but very similar.

     *You can tell where a particular frilled neck is from based on
     the color of its scales. The frilled neck's c
amouflage changes
     depending on the type of tree
it is found in.
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*Frilled neck lizards have three middle toesClip Art

     *The frilled neck can run on its two hind legs  

     *The frilled neck lizard used to be featured on the 
     Australian 2 cent coin.


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