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Family Tree

"Chlamydosaurus kingii declassified"



Domain: Eukarya

          Complex cell(s), membrane bound organelles, genetic material in nucleus

Kingdom: Animalia

          Multicellular, heterotrophic, no cell wall, tissues

Phylum: Chordata

Notochord, bilateral symmetry, segmented bodies, triploblastic, coelom, hollow nerve cord, tail, pharyngeal pouch, bony endoskeleton

Subphylum: Vertebrata

Vertebral column, scales, bony endoskeleton, pharynx, muscles attached to bone allowing movement, heat with 2-4 chambers

Class: Reptilia

Amniotes, scales, lungs, internal fertilization within the female, 3-4 chamber heart

Order: Squamata

Most diverse group within Reptilia, Movable skulls, keratin scales, paired and or joined organs

Suborder: Iguania

          Tongue, fused frontals,

Family: Agamidae

Well-developed limbs, throat flaps, longitudinal scales, cranial soft spot, rootless teeth,

Genus: Chlamydosaurus

          Frilled lizard, skin flap around neck area, carnivorous, can run on 2 or all
          4 legs, lives in trees in forests

Species: Chlamydosaurus kingii


Chlamydosaurus kingii phylogenetic tree



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