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The red-eyed tree frog in the diurnal sleeping position herps/fro/fro1.html

Physical Description:

The red-eyed tree frog has bright green skin all over with blue and yellow stripes along its sides and also has bright blue upper legs. Their feet are a bright red-orange color with sticky pads on each foot. The tree frog has bulging red eyes with a vertical elliptical pupil slit.

The female red-eyed tree frogs grow to be 1.6-2.5 inches long, and the males are slightly shorter and can grow to be 1.6-2.5 inches long.

Geography :

The red-eyed tree frog lives from the Atlantic slopes and lowlands of south eastern Mexico through the Panama Canal to North West Colombia.


The red-eyed tree frog lives in the humid rainforests of Central America . They thrive in temperatures between 75-80 degrees during the day and 66-77 degrees at night. The humidity level in their habitat must stay between 80-95 degrees because of their highly permeable skin that must stay moist.

The red-eyed tree frog lives in the leaves of the tropical rainforests from the ground up to 50 feet in the air. They prefer trees that are covered with mosses and epiphytes.