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Interesting Facts:

  • The red-eyed tree frog was discovered in Darién, Panama in the year 1862 by Edward D. Cope.
  • The scientific name for the red-eyed tree frog comes from the Greek words kallos, meaning beautiful, and dryas meaning tree/wood nymph.
  • The red-eyed tree frog can jump up to 20 times its own body length.
  • The skin secretions of the red-eyed tree frog have been found to destroy the HIV (the virus that causes AIDS), without harming healthy T-cells.
  • Frogs are good bio indicators (an organism able to show whether an environment is healthy or unhealthy) because of their highly permeable skin.
  • The earliest known frog appeared during the late Jurassic Period, about 190 million years ago.
  • Red-eyed tree frogs have vertical pupils which help it to see at night and respond quickly to changes in light.