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Here is some flamingo information that will make your head spin...



Have you been flamingoed yet?

What does that mean you might ask. Well to put it simply, it is when someone plasters your yard full of plastic flamingos while you are not around. The plastic flamingo lawn ornament has always been seen as tacky, and it is a comical way to welcome your neighbor to the neighborhood. Greeting yard companies are hired by friends and family and put these flamingos is your yard and have a sign to go along with it. For example, "Look who flew in for Dan's 50th Birthday." So the next time your thinking about Toilet papering someone's house...why not go flamingoing instead, help save the trees.






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Did you Know?

What looks like the flamingo's knees are actually its ankles.

Many children came to believe that flamingos were croquet mallets in Alice in Wonderland.

Flamingo is the Latin word for "flame."

Flamingos can fly between 31-37 MPH

A flamingo's legs bend backwards.

Flamingos can live up to 20 years in the wild and about 50 in captivity.

A flamingo's eye is larger than its brain

A chick doesn't get its coloration until it is three years of age.

While sleeping, flamingos face the wind. This stops the wind and rain from ruining their feathers.

The Greater Flamingo in the same genus as the Caribbean Flamingo can get up to five feet tall!

If the water in the soda lakes are too concentrated with salt, it can crystallize around the flamingo's legs, and the bird is unable to move.



A chick that hasn't gotten its coloration yet. Click on the photo to see a bigger picture





Dipping Flamingo