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Hello! My name is Sally and I am currently a sophomore attending the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse. I am a Therapeutic Recreation/Child Life major with a minor in Psychology and Spanish. Since I was in first grade I have had an extreme fascination with all species of dolphins; one that is still sticking with me today. I always thought I would end up being a marine biologist because of my passion,interest,and love for oceanic creatures, but my life is now taking a new path. Perhaps someday I can pursue my dream of training and researching dolphins because it is truly something that is inspiring to me; a real motivation. After going on many trips with my family, visiting dolphin research centers, and experiencing dolphins in their true habitats on many "dolphin watch" rides, I realized that these creatures are not only talented, but are extremely intelligent and responsive. For my biology 203 class we were asked to pick an organism to research for a web page, and I knew right away that this is would be my choice. The research that went into creating this page was fascinating and I plan on doing much more throughout my lifetime. The information that I encountered relating to these amazing animals captivated my imagination and emotions; I can only hope that you find that kind of curiosity and interest when you view these pages.     


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