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    The Stenella longirostris is found in marine waters worldwide. This Spinner dolphin can be broken down into five subspecies based on the general region where they are found. Stenella longirostris longirostris, otherwise known as Gray's Spinner, is usually found in the central pacific waters around Hawaii. The Eastern (whitebelly) Spinner, Stenella longirostris orientalis, inhabits the waters far off the coast of Central America, Mexico, and in the pacific regions of northern South America. Stenella longirostris centroamericana, commonly known as the Costa Rican Spinner, inhibits similar waters as the Eastern Spinner, but are usually found closer to the coast. Lastly, the Dwarf Spinner, Stenella longirostris roseiventris, is found in the Gulf of Thailand. There is also another form of Spinners that is not studied as often as the others, the Hawaiian Spinner, that inhabits the waters off the coast of the Hawaiian islands as well as the Indian and Atlantic oceans.

    Spinner Dolphin range

Dolphins are known to travel frequently with many other organisms, including other mammals such as the Spotted dolphin. They have also been seen traveling with Humpback whales and Yellowfin Tuna. They live with many predators, such as sharks, killer whales, and pilot whales, as well as their own prey such as shrimp, squid, and many species of fish. These dolphins are food to many predators, and they also contribute to the food chain by preying on many smaller animals.


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