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Stenella longirostris: Spinner Dolphin


"The voice of the dolphin in air is like that of the human, in that they can pronounce vowels, and combinations of vowels." - Aristotle


Physical Characteristics:

Stenella longirostris, commonly known as Spinner dolphins, are marine mammals with elongated, slender bodies that are optimal for swimming and jumping. These mammals are typically around two meters in length and are on average about 90kg. The anterior side of this animal is equipped with a long, thin beak, strong jaws and sharp teeth. Behind the eyes are the External Auditory Meatus, or the ears. The lean dorsal side is extremely narrow and lined with 68-81 vertebrae. The dorsal fin and pectoral fins (flippers), located near the back and the belly, aid in direction and navigation through the water. Each of these maneuvering devices contains bones similar to that of a hand, which can be used as a wing to guide the dolphin through the water. The posterior end contains a thick tail stock and two flukes, that move in an up and down pattern. The female Spinners usually have a genital and anal opening on the ventral side, with a nipple located in the mammary slit on either side of the genital opening. The males generally have a genital opening located on the ventral side as well, with a separate anal opening to the anterior side. Each specific species of dolphins have their own color pattern; Spinners are typically dark gray on the dorsal side and white on the ventral side, with a lighter gray running from the the eyes to the tail on the sides.                

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