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Blue-Spotted Stingray

Welcome to the Blue-Spotted Stingray page!  The scientific name of this beautiful creature is Taeniura lymma.  For more interesting facts about this ray, take some time to browse this site!
 Andy Lewis of ReefEcoTours.com

Classification of the Blue-Spotted Stingray

Domain Eukarya Contains a nucleus, membrane-bound organelles, large cells, linear DNA, larger and more complex ribosomes
Kingdom Animalia Heterotrophic, multi-cellular, motile, and lacks a cell wall
Phylum Chordata Vertebrate with notochord, nerve cord, and visceral clefts and arches
Class Chondrichthyes Cartilaginous fish; Sharks, skates, and rays
Order Rajiformes Skates and rays; "raja" meaning ray and "forma" meaning shape
Family Dasyatidae Stingrays and Whiptail rays
Genus Taeniura All marine stingrays
Species Taeniura lymma Blue-Spotted Stingray


Phylogenetic Tree

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This page was last updated on April 26, 2007.