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      Emperor Penguins live solely in Antarctica, occupying both land and water.  The Southern Hemisphere is the home to all seventeen species of penguins.  The areas they occupy are typically between 66 and 78 degrees South latitude, where the weather averages 40 degrees Fahrenheit below zero.  This is typical in summer when the sun is out!


      Antarctica was once forested with life.  This occurred before the continent shifted south and turned to ice.  Emperor Penguins have made this continent their home for millions of years. Even though it's the coldest, windiest, darkest, and driest continent, penguins have managed to make a living here by possessing numerous adaptations.


Picture of a Rookery of Emperor Penguins in Antarctica


      The Emperor Penguins are one of the three penguin species to live in Antarctica, which contains 90% of the world's ice.  The other two species that live there are the King Penguin and the Adelie Penguin.  Emperor Penguins stay near the continent for the entirety of their lives.  The females move inland to lay an egg in midwinter.  They also stay near the coastline when they are out searching for their next meal.



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