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      Emperor Penguins have numerous relationships with other organisms. A predatory interaction occurs when one organism preys on another organism as a food source.  Emperor Penguins have predators that use the penguin as a source of food.  These predators include gulls, petrels, skuas, leopard seals, sea lions, and killer whales.  Skuas are closely related to gulls, and gulls like to prey on chicks and steal eggs. Penguins are predators to squid, fish, krill, and phytoplankton, as shown in the food web on the right.  



      Humans use penguins in a variety of ways.  After penguins molt their feathers, they are used for stuffing mattresses and cushions. The oil from the layer of fat is boiled and used for lamp oil and as a base for paints. Penguin skin is used to make clothing and trimming for women's clothes. 



      Global warming is a major factor affecting the lives of penguins.  Some areas of Antarctica are seeing an increase in temperatures, which is causing the ice to melt. This, in turn, reduces the amount of krill available as the main food source for the Emperor Penguin. There is a large amount of greenhouse gas in the air, which is causing a hole to form in the ozone layer.  As a result, harmful ultra-violet light is reaching the earth's surface, causing harm to plants and animals.  Phytoplankton, which is at the base of the food chain, cannot survive due to the harmful UV rays.  This leads to a food shortage for the Emperor Penguins.


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