The Gator Hole

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Alligator mississippiensis

    The Alligator mississippiensis, or American alligator, is a large reptile native to only the Southeastern United States.  The alligator is a threatened species in the United States.  The interesting thing about it is that its not on the threatened list because of the number of individuals in the population.  There are estimated to be around 1,000,000 of them in the wild.  They are threatened because of the similarities between them and the crocodile.  The crocodile is an endangered species so they are trying to protect the crocodile because people mistake the two quite often.  Alligators have a shorter and more broad snout than the crocodile.  Gators also have a lighter skin color under their body than crocs.  Gators grow on average to between 13-15 feet long and weighing sometimes over 1000 pounds!  It is said that the largest gator ever caught was over 19 feet long (this is untypical)!  Many people do not understand the alligator and sometimes mix the myths in with the true facts.  To learn the true facts just read on!   









April 20, 2007.  University of Wisconsin- La Crosse
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