Interesting facts


    The American Badger has many adaptations to fit their lifestyle.

Sharp claws-

    For burrowing, making dens, and digging the badger has long, claws. With these they can dig very quickly. When they locate their prey in the ground, they can unearth the animal without giving it a chance to flee.

    Also if they are threatened by a predator, they are able to excavate a small hole to back into and protect itself. The badger can then protect itself with it's strong teeth and claws.

Thick fur-

    Badgers have very thick, lose-fitting fur covering its body. If a predator grabs them the badger has time to turn and fight back.    The fur also protects itself against one of it's food sources, the rattle snake. The snake's bites rarely penetrate the hide. If, they do the toxin does not enter the body. The toxin only gets between the hide and the flesh. So the absorption of the poison is gradual, keeping the badger out of danger.

Great sense of hearing and smell-

    Taxidea Taxus has a very well-developed sense of hearing and smell. They use it to detect their prey, even prey underground. Then they will burrow down and catch it.