Interesting Facts

    - Badgers burrows and dens are extremely important for their lifestyle. They use them for hunting, sleeping, storing food, and giving

    - The den of a badger has only one entrance. That way, if the animal feels threatened, it will back into the den, only exposing its sharp teeth and claws to defend itself from the predator.

    - Badgers are mostly nocturnal but can sometimes be active during the day.

    - Badger's pelts are very valuable as furs. Also their hairs are used in some types of brushes.

    - "Badger Baiting" is a sport, not common anymore but has been around since the middle ages in Europe. The sport is pretty cruel. A Badger is tied up and attacked by a series or many dogs. When the badger is no longer able to fight back, it is killed. People will make bets.