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The Yellow Tangs Special Characteristics
   The Yellow Tang has undergone many adaptations to become a very hardy marine fish. It has a long snout with a steep sloping face allowing for greater ability to graze for algae. It allows it to get into cracks and places other species of fish can not reach. It also has dorsal fins that can be raised and lowered to make their size appear larger. A useful mechanism to keep predators at bay. The Yellow Tang's color is also an important adaptation. The bright yellow also warns predators that the tang is also dangerous. Telling them that it has two sharp spines located on either side of the base of its tail. The bright yellow color can also be used to blend in with the brightly colored coral reefs where it lives. A Yellow Tang can also change colors at night becoming a brownish yellow, allowing the tang to blend into the coral when the sun is not present.


Can you locate all the adaptations the on Yellow Tang ?

Yellow Tang Photo by Tyler Tarman

Photo by Tyler Tarman

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