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How are baby Yellow Tangs made?
   Exact reproductive habits for Yellow Tangs but similar characters happen throughout the Surgeonfish. Yellow Tangs have two separate sexes, male and female. The male and female sexes are extremely hard to distinguish but males tend to be larger. They are known to spawn as pairs. Their reproduction has been tied to the lunar cycle with spawning happening on the new moon or the full moon. A courtship takes place and the two fish swim towards the surface, releasing their gametes into the water. Eggs are formed and hatch with in a week.

   Males may reproduce with more then one female (Polygamy) and the females reproduces about once a month .

   There is not much known about the reproduction of Yellow Tangs because there as been very few spawns in public aquariums and few have been witnessed in the wild.

A yellow tang, Zebrasoma flavescens. (Photo: Jim McVey, NOAA)

Photo by Jim McVey, NOAA

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